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Electronic table lighter Rowenta, 1960

Manufacturer: Rowenta
Title: Rowenta Electronic
Type: desktop electronic gas lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1960
Country: Germany
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

One of the first electronic cigarette lighters, powered by batteries, the classical model of the German firm Rowenta. Equipped with a capacitor by which a valve was given a spark when you press the button while you press the button the valve is opened.

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Lighter Chadwick with calendar, calculator, 1950

Name: Chadwick
Type: automatic petrol lighter with calendar and calculator aviation
Material: Brass
Year: 1950
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 25-50

Lighter with "eternal" in the 1950-1977 calendar years, and with a mechanical calculator to calculate the ground speed of the aircraft. Produced in Japan from the 1950s, and known instances of the late 1970s. Apparently intended primarily for aircraft pilots :)

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Lighter Century, 1942-1945

Title: Century
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Steel
Year: 1942-1945
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

Lighter Century - typical fliptop of World War II, was produced for the US Army. It is made of steel and coated with typical coating crackle green or brown-gray. Some specimens have inscriptions CENTURY and USA, in windshield, and some do not have any inscriptions.

The last instance is particularly interesting and keeps the spirit of its former owner, an American soldier or officer who scratched on the body of the name of his beloved: «MY ETHEL DEAR».

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IMCO Ifa, 1927

Name: IMCO Ifa
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1927
Country: Austria
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

This is the third model in the line of IMCO, which appeared in 1927. It was the first time the cap is equipped with a wick shackle through which the cap reclined automatically when moving apart lighters.

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Mexican Lighter Wincher, 1940-50

Title: Wincher
Type: gasoline windproof lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1940-50
Country: Mexico
Approximate cost: $ 15-30

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Mosda Streamline 500 1950

Manufacturer: Mosda
Title: Mosda Streamline 500
Type: automatic petrol lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1950
Country: England
Approximate cost: $ 15-25

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Opal Standard by Champ, 1960

Manufacturer: Champ
Title: Opal Standard
Type: semi-automatic windproof lighter gasoline
Material: Brass
Year: 1960
Country: Austria
Approximate cost: $ 15-30

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Dunhill Service Lighter, 1943-1945

Name: Dunhill Service Lighter
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1943-1945
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 25-100

This lighter was produced in the United States under the brand Dunhill during World War II and was designed specifically for the US Army.

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Table Lighter Barclay, 1948

Title: Barclay
Type: Semi-board gasoline lighter
Material: brass, plastic
Year: 1948
Country: England
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

Board semi-Lighter unusual design for ignition and fire using two buttons on top of the housing.

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Homemade lighter canisters of 1930

Type: homemade gasoline lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1930
Approximate cost: $ 40-70

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Douglass Wadsworth, 1926

Manufacturer: Douglass
Name: Douglass Wadsworth
Type: Semi-automatic lighter gasoline
Material: copper, brass, gold-plated
Year: 1926
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 200-400

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Dunhill Unique Sports clock, 1929-1930

Manufacturer: Alfred Dunhill London
Name: Dunhill Unique Sports
Type: gasoline Lighter with Clock
Material: silver
Year: 1929
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 2000-4000

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Dunhill Unique with cloisonne enamel 1930

Manufacturer: Alfred Dunhill
Name: Dunhill Unique
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: silver, cloisonne
Year: 1930
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 2000-3000

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Dunhill Rollagas in a gold case Cartier, 1960

Manufacturer: Alfred Dunhill London, gold case by Cartier
Name: Dunhill Rollagas
Type: gas lighter
Material: Gold
Year: 1960
Country: Switzerland / France
Approximate cost: $ 500-1000

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Cartier liftarm gold with black enamel, 1940

Manufacturer: Cartier
Name: Cartier
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: gold, enamel
Year: 1940
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 1500-3000

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