About the site

VintageLighters.ru - this is the first online encyclopedia of lighters in Russian. Site VintageLighters.ru opened on 23 November 2009 and is a subsidiary of the project portal ZippoCollector.ru - Russia's largest website dedicated to collecting lighters Zippo.

Descriptions lighters are on the site of Reference principle. Note the following important points:

  • Year: indicates the approximate period of the early release of a particular model, no matter for how long produced models. It is not always possible to accurately indicate the beginning of the year of release, in this case indicates not the exact year and decade. For example, if the model was produced around 1945, but more accurate data is not present, it indicated 1940 as the period from 1940 till 1950th years.
  • In the category "Years" is always indicated just a decade, but not the exact year of manufacture of the lighter.
  • Approximate cost: indicates the approximate lower and upper limit value on the basis of statistics on sales of lighters auction Ebay, auctions and other collector's market as a whole. This option is very approximate and reflects the most current collection price spread this or that model of lighters. Under certain circumstances the price of such a model may exceed the specified value of the frame, so the figures given are only indicative value.

If you have any questions on specific models, they can be specified in the comments on each entry. For general questions and discussions is the forum. If you have an interesting or rare lighter, you want to show off, or know something about it, and welcome to the forum - Create theme, upload photos, ask communicate :) To download photos to the posts now need to register on the site, to simply write in the forum registration is not necessary - forum is open to all!

And finally, a little parting word to the world famous American collector and expert on vintage lighters Tolkien Larry (Larry Tolkin), which has in its collection a few thousand lighters. It was he who wrote to me, and I give all collectors :)

Larry Tolkin letter