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Hadson Blue Bird, 1950

Manufacturer: Hadson
Title: Hadson Blue Bird
Type: music gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1950
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 30-100

This is one of the very popular in the 1950s, the Japanese musical lighters Hadson. It is arranged quite interesting: the mechanism, located inside the plant and is equipped with a stopper (lever at the top of the winding key). At the same time when you press the ignition of the insert extends the pin, which removes the musical mechanism with stopper - so if you have a factory in the mechanism, the melody starts to play itself with ignition flame. Self musical mechanism is spring loaded metal plate which rests against the inside of the housing. The housing is made of relatively lightweight alloy and is like a resonator for the music box - the lighter the volume is large enough (and the mechanism separately, being removed from the body, it plays a very quiet).

Of particular value to this instance gives also engraved: it belonged to an officer with the US Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, and not just an officer, and a member of the officers' club.

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