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Rogers Rocket Flame, 1958

Manufacturer: Rogers
Name: Rogers Rocket Flame
Type: Pipe reactive gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1958
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 15-40

Pipe Lighter with gasoline design 'jet flame'. This design was first patented in 1929 and enhanced in 1944 by the American company Beattie Jet Products. Lighter, apart from the usual cotton wick it has a thin hollow copper tube which passes through the insert and a cotton filler. When a light tilting body lighted tube is heated by the flame of a lighter conventional wick, gasoline fumes and heat inside the insert, expand and rush outside, breaking under the pressure of a thin tube opening. On the way out they light up, forming a rather long 'reactive' side flame, through which user-friendly lighting his pipe. Beattie Jet - the most common model of 'reactive' petrol lighter mid-20th century, the other brands like the Japanese Lighter Rogers, are much rarer.

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