Lighter in the form of a gas station, 1960

Type: Desktop gasoline lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1960
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 50-100

Typical Japanese zazhigalochnoe creativity 1960s - a huge table in the form of gasoline lighter gas station (Zippo next set to scale). For lighting of it must be removed from the lateral opening wick holder (it is attached to the pull-out rubber band about two feet long), stick it in the hole in the upper part near the wheel and there ignite the wick spark.

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7 comment (-ev)

  1. val1730 - 17.01.2011

    Two not quite normal issue :)
    1) How to fill this miracle
    2) does not imply whether petrol
    I understand made on the principle of eternal matches, but there it is twisted, and here as?

  2. kypexin - 17.01.2011

    Wahler, tucked it underneath (but I have not experienced for flowability).

    Made not on the basis of eternal match, no. On a string at the end of a conventional wick, tuck it into the top hole and strike sharply wheel, it lights up.

  3. val1730 - 17.01.2011

    A gasoline comes through lace?

  4. kypexin - 17.01.2011

    No, wick "park" in the side hole and just there wetted with gasoline.

  5. val1730 - 17.01.2011

    Here it also wanted to know how this hole and does not follow?

  6. kypexin - 17.01.2011

    So there's wool inside :)

  7. val1730 - 17.01.2011

    Yes, damn it thought there tank :)