Lighter Hurricane, 1930

Title: Hurricane
Type: gasoline windproof lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1930
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 20-80

Lighters Hurricane produced in Bradford in 1930, at the same time a Zippo, and production ended in the beginning of 1940, unable to withstand competition from the Zippo Manufacturing Company. Most often found in copper Hurricane cases, much less - with chrome housing. Presented here is an instance of chrome, and even advertising label that is doubly rare.

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  3. Thorens Lucky, 1930
  4. Austrian windproof lighter 1920
  5. Myon-203 1930

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  1. botas - 14.06.2010

    Rare are so lovely set! Is that not enough of bakelite :)

  2. botas - 19.06.2010

    Some lighters in the wheel fixing oochen resembles Berkeley.

  3. faust - 19.06.2010

    but since this
    it's just a namesake?

  4. kypexin - 19.06.2010

    Yes. It's just a namesake :)

  5. Buffalo66 - 07.08.2010

    Hehe :) And now, here and there, there bakelite on sale - all such choorny presented here :) chrome - very good.

  6. Buffalo66 - 07.08.2010

    I forgot to ask ... And what there otkidovaniya device cover? Two plates? Or something else?

  7. kypexin - 07.08.2010

    Yes, there are two plates, but thicker and softer than for example in the park, so the lid does not "shoots" and on me-I-yagenko so open. As in bakelite, I do not know yet.

  8. Hartman - 11.01.2011

    The bakelite as well - Myakonkov. M0 yesterday received a bakelite - a funny thing.

  9. faust - 14.01.2011

    Governor, he looks attracting. I have not held even such zverёnysha ...

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