One of the first models of IMCO, 1920

Name: IMCO
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1920
Country: Austria
Approximate cost: $ 40-100

This is one of the earliest models of lighters IMCO, patented in 1912 and manufactures about 1920 - very rare model in full completeness! She cap has not been fitted with the lifting bracket, so it could only operate with two hands. In this instance even more rare preserved original leather case.

Similar lighters:

  1. IMCO Ifa, 1927
  2. IMCO Triplex Junior, 1955
  3. Imco Triplex, 1937
  4. Everlite, 1920
  5. Abdulla, 1920

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  1. Yuriy - 29.03.2010

    And - in my opinion it is still the second or third, in the early cap had a long uh ... "legs" on the sides and it was not the windshield.
    Even more strange is that there shtatovskih patent - have not seen it on any modelka.

  2. kypexin - 29.03.2010

    Ure, judging by this poster: it's still the first model (judging by the length of the wick cap and the proportions of the silicon tube).

    As for the patent. I believe that the YMCA was made for export to the US, so it is _amerikanskiy_ patent on April 2, 1912, which appears on so many brands of lighters that time. A «MEB» (I do not remember how to immediately stands for) is not a manufacturer, and the firm, which imported into the US and German avstryiskie lighters that time. This abbreviation, and this patent is on April 2, 1912 found on dozens of lighters various manufacturers. But on a silicon tube Set the original Austrian patent.

  3. Yuriy - 29.03.2010

    I have this poster, and unfortunately there is not all the models Imco. Take, for instance, would often pop up on the Bay, most recently in 2500, and photos "still" one of the first spread ...

  4. kypexin - 29.03.2010

    What 2500 is this?

  5. Maria - 11.10.2010

    here's where to get a lighter can be? (((((

  6. Eugene - 14.03.2012

    really I want a lighter! where to find a copy in Moscow At least that?