Imco Triplex, 1937

Manufacturer: Imco
Title: Imco Triplex
Type: semi-automatic petrol lighter
Material: steel, brass
Year of release: 1937
Country: Austria
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

Imco Triplex - it "Volkswagen" world lighters, the largest mass of ever produced models. The exact number of issued "triplex" can not be determined, but it is assumed that the bill goes to the hundreds of millions. Overall, the Austrian company IMCO in its history since 1918 has produced more than half a billion lighters, ahead of all other manufacturers, including the legendary Zippo.

The case of this model 1937 is made of steel, and the fuel cap - from light brass. The capsule has a rather unusual design, quite similar to the modern IMCO: it does not have the usual lower cap, instead removed the upper part of the short, giving access to the inside of the brass bracket that holds the wool. Such a structure is not easy to fill in the usual way, pouring gasoline from the canister. But it is ideal for field use - just remove the top part of the capsule together with a clip and just immerse it in a container with gasoline!

Lighter features a removable small screen, which you can pick up and close the opening windshield, thus adjusts the height of the flame. This is the first model with a similar IMCO mobile screen models Triplex he has now.

On a silicon tube inscription is not very clear purpose "5 m / m» - most likely at the time of release of the model on the market just had different sizes of silicon and diameter, and just in case this "reminder" to talk about what is put in flint lighter. This lighter also told a little story about his former owner, it was worth a good wash and clean off the rust from the case judging by the not too noticeable inscriptions scratched on the side of the body (it is seen on the second photo), lighter once owned by the name of Mr. Schmieder.

13-12-2009 Метки: , Рубрики: 1930 , IMCO , Австрия

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  1. Yuri - 14.12.2009

    Here it is "Timeless Classics" !!!
    This is one of the very "few petrol" (as a subspecies), which are produced in our day almost unchanged !!!
    and the price is democratic)))

  2. Sergey - 18.05.2010

    Respected community for which data are given such exact dating?

  3. kypexin - 18.05.2010

    The dating of many lighters may not be accurate by definition. For example, specifically, the model could be released, and later in 1937, she appeared for the first time just exactly in 1937.

    In general, given the dating, so to speak, according to the study of the history of the company and its products IMCO. For example, look at this poster:

  4. Andrew - 10.08.2010

    Everything is very simple!
    In these photos, I would say 39 + - 45 years.
    Since '38 the Anschluss of Austria, it does not exist, the German Patent ...
    I have a general without a patent IMCO TRIPLEX? I classify it as 38-39 years, the mechanism is the same as above.

  5. Vitaliy - 09.02.2011

    such use Wehrmacht soldiers during the 2nd World

  6. Michael - 04.10.2011

    Current SUPER just shit! For three years has replaced 9 (!) Pieces. Half cover half the wheels are not turning, always have myself all prim, curtain lost instantly, gasoline does not hold, it is necessary to fill every day. In short - bullshit. Clarify - that's me on the current, the other - a father, a war, that's it really - SUPER! ! !

  7. Edwin (Lithuania, Vilnius) - 10.12.2011

    Recently bought a 6600 IMCO ,, Junior "good and worth 200r.Ochen priyatnoya zazhigalka.Odnogo not realized on Gorlushko not chuck holes and vertical slits. (?) Why are there two types?

  8. Philip - 30.01.2013

    I recently purchased IMCO Triplex the Great Patriotic War. It is almost the same as in these photos, but there are a couple of differences, so now I'm wondering your opinion.
    First, the mobile screen is windproof on my copy is decorated with ornaments in the form of leaves. Maybe it's some kind of A luxury execution? On the Internet I like not looking, but the photo is the same and has not found.
    Secondly, the fuel tank is made my otherwise. The upper part comprises integral and cotton wick and inserted in a "bucket", i.e. the lower part. I saw this design on more recent models. But on the bottom is written only IMCO Patent made in Austria TRIPLEX. But such a structure as a reservoir for these photos, I have a lighter model JUNIOR, and there on the bottom of IMCO-TRIPLEX Patent made in Austria JUNIOR 6600.
    Who that thinks about it?

  9. Andrew - 30.01.2013

    Philip ka to be written during the Second World War made in Austria? Her (Austria) simply do not !!!! And made the same have not been contacted Continue ....?

  10. Andrew - 30.01.2013

    As Philip? pardon letter missed!

  11. val1730 - 30.01.2013

    Hi Philip, why do not you show your lighter on the forum? We should see what is possible and would have prompted.

  12. kirasa - 30.01.2013

    Andrew, made written and in the last century and the year before

  13. Andrew - 30.01.2013

    Yes of course, but not in Germany (and Austria was part of Germany) at war with .......
    Continue))) windscreen and was on the military, just pictured here.

  14. Andrew - 30.01.2013

    Everything is painted:

  15. kirasa - 30.01.2013

    I look at my lighter, why me where else to look?

  16. kirasa - 31.01.2013

    ps if you mean this model, it is worth my patent Austria.

  17. fya1987 - 10.02.2013

    I have registered on the forum, but I did not manage to insert photo here, so here's a link to the album in Picasso, please watch and evaluate


  18. kirasa - 12.02.2013

    What assess -good lighter on the tank can be assumed that a later edition, and your Junior 6600 with the same tank as sayte- is an early release of the 6600 Junior

  19. kirasa - 12.02.2013

    ps Junior with the tank I also have

  20. Andrew - 02.12.2013

    At least not Rawdon tank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fya1987 - 12.02.2013

    kirasa, And what of the year, though about? I understand Triplex with opening mechanism manufactured before 1955, or am I mistaken?

  22. fya1987 - 12.02.2013

    Andrew, well, something dies in the tanks right ...

  23. Andrew - 02.12.2013

    Set on rayberte, there is not only I give a hand ....
    Links to picasaweb just add.
    In this topic:

  24. kirasa - 12.02.2013

    Andrew, that you send to the place where the Chinese can not distinguish from native Imki !!! At Junior tank with a dressing native, by the way, he has the size of the other, smaller diameter and lower in height and it will not work under Triplex

  25. Andrew - 02.12.2013

    Tank to battle another design !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can dip in the tank immediately "not looking" it !!!!!!!
    Made Austria after the war, too ... ..
    In general, you can continue ...
    About Chinese "ck" you pogaryachilis, the user ENTREGA, a huge collection of lighters ... people dig and see what was ...

  26. kirasa - 12.02.2013

    Andrew, you probably read between the lines, I had written that the tanks on the war there were other, see above, I wrote that the tank lighter fya1987 a later release. User ENTREGA versed in military zhigah with him on this subject, I will not argue, and you can bet, but here, if you want to create a theme, it is more correct than it is here to rewrite what is already written.

  27. Andrew - 02.12.2013

    Yes, it's self-evident that the tank later. I was just interested in things of war, that's all)))) And what you want to bet? Lighter "burger" - "halophyte" at least .... A YMCA at all ....? (Yes tank)

  28. ejik-kusaka - 18.03.2013

    Respected Community! Tell me, please, but whether my lighter dated 37-38 year? Could she take part in the Second World War and to be captured (so I wrote the seller) Here is a link to a topic in a forum where lit lighter моя

  29. ejik-kusaka - 18.03.2013

    ... Forgot to add that the inscriptions on the Donets IMCO TRIPLEX (in a circle), and in the center PATENT AUSTRIA

  30. RedCat - 19.03.2013

  31. RedCat - 19.03.2013

    In general, ejik-kusaka, your questions are not clear. In the beginning of the topic good photos with description

  32. sanceskos - 23.02.2014

    tell me if there are more commercially lighters of this type?

  33. sanceskos - 23.02.2014

    tell whether this lighter for sale or this type ??

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