Semi-automatic lighter Nassau, 1910

Manufacturer: Nassau Lighter Company
Title: Nassau
Type: Semi-automatic lighter gasoline
Material: Copper
Year: 1910
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 75-200

Lighters Nassau made in New York on Nassau street, since 1910 (although patent Set 1905). It was one of the first automatic pocket lighters that time, the mechanism of action of this principle was invented in Austria in 1909. There were many choices of finishes, from simple chrome plating to gold and silver shells. This lighter is attached emblem of Royal Arcanum - one of the oldest insurance companies, mutual benefit, founded in 1877 in Boston; it exists today.

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  1. faust - 14.07.2010

    NDA, cool vesch! nravitstso.

  2. termit - 19.07.2010

    quite similar to Thorens although there are some differences, so here nafig like everything is closed and the distance to the wick less spring together and not separately from the loop although it is all so clear without my snot =)
    but more interesting is something else: someone with whom the system has copied, or with whom they stripped together, they are too similar

  3. faust - 20.07.2010

    Well, Thorens in my 20-year produced ...

  4. kypexin - 20.07.2010

    Thorens began to produce in 1920 in Switzerland, Nassau in 1911 in the United States. And the mechanism was invented in Austria in 1909. It was a few different models of lighters with a similar mechanism. So here all did not find anyone who :)

  5. termit - 21.08.2010

    And if not a secret any more lighters have such a mechanism?

  6. kypexin - 21.08.2010

    Several of these were: Thorens, Nassau, PM, Nuton, even some names forgotten. Take another look here for example:

  7. Golden-Joker - 23.08.2010

    As well as similar arrangements have MD, Select, Bengali :)

  8. GSpear - 28.09.2011

    Do not tell me how often you can see this model at auction ( Or maybe tell me where else you can buy a similar model?
    Very much I liked it)))

  9. kypexin - 28.09.2011

    very rare, it is necessary to catch and generally have good luck :) good luck :)

  10. GSpear - 30.09.2011

    And where in addition to EBay you can buy lighters?
    I understand that a question silly, but maybe there are some no-whether auctions which is a fairly large selection? (I know about the hammer;) but something I do not really like))))

  11. kypexin - 30.09.2011

    No, there are no other options. In the West, it is ebay (unless you take into account the "garage sales" and the flea market), we have a hammer or It's all.

  12. Stephanie - 06.03.2012

    Hello All. I am new to lighter collecting, and I have questions about this table lighter. Where it was made? About how old is it? Where can I find more about this company.

    It is made of 80 or 90% silver, and has Original AN patent made in CSR. I have great pictures to share, and would love to learn more.

    Best wishes,

  13. Yuzer_Zyu - 22.03.2012

    read page header, Stephany, yuo'll get answer's

  14. nisich - 26.02.2014

    at what price such a lighter cost?

  15. Golden-joker - 26.02.2014

    5000 average price

  16. Yuzer_Zyu - 27.02.2014

    Dennis, what do you cut through the le? !!

  17. Golden-Joker - 27.02.2014

    Hi! Yes I. There were the turning points in his life, and the interests of the whole life turned upside down these days :) Today or tomorrow we'll come here, if the password to remember ... :) Potreschim

  18. Yuzer_Zyu - 27.02.2014

    Because you have muddied the crap? success accompanied?
    can mail cherknesh?
    we just fresh authors need to log !!! Wellcome Karoche!
    (Flint you reading? - here are four rooms have for example:

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