Table Lighter Swank, 1950

Name: Swank
Type: desktop gasoline lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1950
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 20-80

Such lighters were made in Japan in the 1950s and used as a table in a cafe and bars - because of the huge sizes and weight casually carry it with me was impossible :) The second picture is for scale next to the usual lighter Zippo.

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  1. Hartman - 14.06.2010

    Actually Swank Inc. - Shop deeply American, history, rising as much as in 1897. Company haberdashery, jewelry, and after WWII, they quite reasonably decided that not a sin to trade and lighters. And not to bother with the production - placed orders in Japan, which then played the role of modern China.
    The most common option - it gazovyy fliptop, as well as very expensive gas lighter form factor like a subject, but the normal size, but with Swiss watches.
    Since 1966, the same company bought himself not less famous leather shop Prince Gardner Company, which developed on the basis of two directions, Prince Gardner and Princess Gardner - well, zazhigalochki rather, it was the most sets of lighters krobki a pack of cigarettes or cigarette cases, lighters were gasoline (which was fun for the early '70s), covered with leather and made in Japan.
    As a corporation owned by Pierre Cardin brands and L'Aiglon.

  2. botas - 14.06.2010

    Wow! As always, your comments are very instructive! Thanks :)

  3. botas - 14.06.2010

    And how much did she weigh ??

  4. kypexin - 14.06.2010

    It weighs 600-800 grams think :)

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