Lighter Swiza, 1930

Title: Swiza
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1930
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

Small wonder the Swiss engineering, rare Lighter Swiza 1930s, maybe an older brother, and even the pope popular model Dunhill Rollalite :) Mechanics made with astonishing thoroughness and clarity, particularly interesting cunning mechanism replacing the flint. To replace, simultaneously pull the two tiny rychazhochka then flint horizontal vane moves out of the way.

Similar lighters:

  1. Lighter Handy, 1940, owned by members of the team minesweeper YMS-370

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  1. hirfe - 26.04.2011

    Zdravstvuete, Vladimir.Skazhite, please, what flint depicted in the last photo.

  2. kypexin - 27.04.2011

    hirfe, this flint Ronson «Redskin», here such:

  3. hirfe - 27.04.2011

    Thank you! I ask why: I bought a silicon dunhill 5 packs, trying to insert them, and flint does not fit. I - thought the red flint Dunhill.
    PS: An excellent collection.

  4. Edward - 03.08.2011

    Hello, please: tell her you can buy? And at what price?

  5. kypexin - 04.08.2011

    Edward, this lighter has been sold.

  6. Yuzer_Zyu - 15.03.2012

    I would have such a machine to be cleared ... for sane money, of course.
    By the way, Vladimir, do not tell (if I may, of the braid) for how many left this lighter?

  7. Yuzer_Zyu - 13.04.2014

    I seized the two since, and Volodya, correct description - brass in the lighter no piece, steel elements of body kit, and the case - aluminum chassis! and it is wildly sad, because one of my lighters when before me probably soured and swollen flint wildly tore silicon channel to pieces ... by means of laser welding skilled craftsmen porvanaya wall was restored, but in refining / turning of collapsed opposite wall of said channel ... Alas, alas ...

  8. kirasa - 13.04.2014

    Metal, but let us down, but it seems this is not lyumishka and which the alloy

  9. Yuzer_Zyu - 13.04.2014

    he top as it is cleverly zapolirovat and inside yes, aluminum or aluminum alloy that tozhi thing (it really a lot of varieties, but aluminum) :); just do not understand because Circuits that all steel bolted on top

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