Thorens single claw, 1914

Title: Thorens single claw
Type: Semi-automatic lighter gasoline
Year: 1920
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 50-200

The patent for the lighter Thorens was received back in 1914, but the lighter was produced around 1920. This is one of the first models with automatic lighter lid on the spring: when you click on the cover opens and at the same time carving a spark ignites the wick. The wheel is rotated while the cover is opened with a hook, which in earlier models Thorens was only one side of the wheel, hence the name «single claw». The earliest models had a plug for filling side at the end of the lighter, a little later fueled lighters steel screw through the hole in the bottom.

thorens-cork-front thorens-cork-back thorens-cork-open


thorens-1914-front thorens-1914-back thorens-1914-open


thorens-front-open thorens-back-open

thorens-front-closed thorens-back-closed


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  1. blinowww - 30.11.2009

    perhaps vice versa? The earliest had screw in the bottom and side later?

  2. kypexin - 30.11.2009

    Nope :) First there was a plug in the side :)

  3. blinowww - 30.11.2009

    but in general the 14th year! I did not notice, sorry))) I thought them with 20th release ...

  4. Palladium-Joker - 05.12.2009

    My darling :)))

  5. Yuriy - 08.06.2010

    No, my! ))

  6. Golden-Joker - 09.06.2010

    My ex, has withdrawn you my beauty :)

  7. abedull - 04.09.2011

    I have a very similar lighter Thorens without screw holes in the bottom.
    On "Leybe" instead of "cross" is written «EXPORT». At the bottom: «DRP 332696-334028»
    Q: What is this little thing?

  8. kypexin - 05.09.2011

    Apparently, it is the export version, which indicate the number of German patents.

  9. GSpear - 01.10.2011

    Small question: read somewhere that the most distinctive feature of the first models is the one-piece tube side and a button (no screws), also wrote that the first models were produced without the ornament on the body. Is this true? and whether there is still any signs of the models of the first parties (material, labels and so forth.)?

  10. kypexin - 25.10.2011

    GSpear, read here is a wonderful community:
    There's a lot of information about Thorens collected

  11. GSpear - 26.10.2011

    Oh, thank you very much)))

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