Table lighter KW, 1940

Manufacturer: Karl Wieden
Title: KW
Type: semi-automatic desktop gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1940
Country: Germany
Approximate cost: $ 30-80

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  1. ENTREGA - 02.11.2010

    I lope not lick on similar, so for them as I want for the car! :)

  2. kypexin - 02.11.2010

    Come on? with luck, you can find the money for the sane :)

  3. ENTREGA - 04.11.2010

    Well, if luck is finite yes!
    And when rasskazavayut about her, that she was from the Reich Chancellery is the most expensive :))

  4. Yakut - 18.09.2011

    I have a similar KW with an inscription in kvdratnoy framed. Less than half the usual Zippo. There infa this brand?

  5. sspas - 19.09.2011

    Unless KW in the square without upper limit and no other inscriptions, somewhere in '35. If there are other signs that something like kawee, original and so on., The 50-ies.

  6. Yakut - 20.09.2011

    So there is no upper limit and inscriptions. Bought this at a flea market. Price of about $ 6. This is the second vintage IMCO after '25. Thanks for the Old.

  7. Dimon - 09.12.2011

    I have a similar.

  8. Dimon - 09.12.2011

    Bottom purely KW .On the front framed letter IG

  9. Yuzer_Zyu - 21.03.2012

    I so in the early 90s bought on the opening day in the Izmailovo also tanks for about 6-7, only the silver or silver-plated, though not mint, in her box that closes the wick wildly cracked in half, then gave a neighbor, he is there something that forged / payal thought mend, but like so he and stands as furniture, nechinitsya ...

  10. helcore - 13.04.2012

  11. Andrew - 09.08.2012

    I have got this from my grandfather engraved on the front side BAYER wonder its origin and value of the thread who can say

  12. Yuzer_Zyu - 09.08.2012

    You have not read the above posts that le?
    If on the bottom only letters KW - two letters and all, about 1935, if there are other inscriptions and frame, 1950s (and this table lighter, you reading?) Has the same design kakrmannye. Price may vary in a very large extent depends on the material, condition, dating, legends - and can range from five to three hundred dollars ...

  13. Yuzer_Zyu - 09.08.2012

    If you have a pocket, Andrew, and want to sell it - us, help you.

  14. spbrus - 13.10.2012

    I recently for one thousand rubles. so bought.

  15. Yuzer_Zyu - 13.10.2012

    six or seven Dolar in the nineties and Thousand rubles. today - especially the prices have not changed ... besides mine was broken, so that finally the price of one to one

  16. kypexin - 13.10.2012

    spbrus, so we are happy for you! :)) Good buy!

  17. Michael - 01.10.2013

    hi there. I have a lighter at the bottom of a letter KW and the front side is written Hans Schroeder (German) gegr.1865

  18. yuzer_zyu - 01.10.2013

    or is this the year of birth of Hans or similar Choteau
    1865 Flint has invented a long time, and until these lighters even longer

  19. Vova - 07/02/2014

    I have a lighter KW with an inscription in English ELLISON DOUBLE SPORTS.pod Peter often at war nahodim.amerikosy chtol do?

  20. Yuzer_Zyu - 07.02.2014

    zafotkay show in the forum, it is not Alison and Elisorn, and did not, not the Americans, did Carla Weiden in Germany, but the word of Sports, Sport type - purely angloamerikosskaya fashion, British it while everywhere sculptured and YuSAevtsy tozhi ...

  21. VOVAN - 08.02.2014

    lay out later, right now the wheel soaked in kerosene, has become attached.

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