Butane Lighter Flaminaire, 1959

Title: Flaminaire Galet
Type: gas lighter with a removable gas unit Butabloc
Material: brass, copper, leather
Year: 1959
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

One of the first models of handheld gas lighter, gas use interchangeable blocks Butabloc. The French firm Flaminaire first ever produced for the mass market gas lighter (desktop model Flaminaire Gentry) in 1947.

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Electronic table lighter Rowenta, 1960

Manufacturer: Rowenta
Title: Rowenta Electronic
Type: desktop electronic gas lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1960
Country: Germany
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

One of the first electronic cigarette lighters, powered by batteries, the classical model of the German firm Rowenta. Equipped with a capacitor by which a valve was given a spark when you press the button while you press the button the valve is opened.

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Dunhill Rollagas in a gold case Cartier, 1960

Manufacturer: Alfred Dunhill London, gold case by Cartier
Name: Dunhill Rollagas
Type: gas lighter
Material: Gold
Year: 1960
Country: Switzerland / France
Approximate cost: $ 500-1000

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Gilded gas ST Dupont, 1959

Name: ST Dupont
Type: gas lighter
Material: brass, gold plated
Year: 1959
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 100-200

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Stratoflame, 1950

Title: Stratoflame
Type: gas lighter with a removable gas tank
Material: Brass
Year: 1950
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 15-100

One of the first models of lighters, equipped with a removable gas tank.

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Ronson Adonis Varaflame, 1950

Name: Ronson Adonis Varaflame
Type: Automatic gas lighter
Material: copper, brass, chrome
Year: 1950
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

Ronson Adonis Varaflame

Ronson Adonis Varaflame

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Thorens Gasomatic, 1961

Title: Thorens Gasomatic
Type: gas lighter
Year: 1961
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 50-100

Experimental Model Gas Lighter Thorens Gasomatic 1961.

Thorens Gasomatic 01

Thorens Gasomatic 02 Thorens Gasomatic 03

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