Scripto Vu-Lighter, 1950

Manufacturer: Scripto Inc.
Name: Scripto Vu-Lighter
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Plastic, brass
Year: 1950
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 20-70

Lighter Scripto was one of the first plastic lighters, and it allows you to visually estimate the amount of gasoline remaining in it. Its mechanism has been equipped with a system swap fuel to the wick, for this is a special button on the lighter side, while he was not the wick constantly immersed in the fuel chamber. Such a mechanism virtually eliminates evaporation of gasoline, as in conventional lighters where the wick was inserted directly into the fuel tank. Scripto - absolute champion of integrity among petrol lighters: even today you can find items that have 50-60 years remained gasoline in the fuel chamber.

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ASR Pagoda, 1950

Title: ASR Pagoda
Type: Semi-automatic lighter gasoline
Material: copper, brass, plastic
Year: 1950
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

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