Lighters Limited, 1930

Производитель: Lighters Limited (?)
Тип: бензиновая зажигалка
Материал: медь, латунь
Год выпуска: 1930-е
Страна: Австралия (?)
Примерная стоимость: $10-30

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21.01.2010  Метки: , ,   Рубрики: 1930, Австралия, Без названия

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  1. Brad Driessens - 26.01.2010

    I have one of these lighters and am unable to find any information about it. I live in Australia and was given it as a gift about 20 years ago. I believe it may be some type of army issue lighter from World War II. The arrow symbol, I have been told, may be an Australian Army symbol.

    Is this lighter of yours for sale, as I will gladly buy it from you if you wish to sell it.

  2. kypexin - 26.01.2010

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your note;

    I am currently not planning to part with it and it stay in my collection, but in case I decide you’ll be the first to know :)

    I hope to find out some info on the symbol and lighter maker so far.

  3. Brad Driessens - 27.01.2010

    No worries mate.I have contacted the Australian War Memorial research department and am awaiting a reply about whether it is an army issue.
    May I ask how you acquired yours and are you in Australia?

  4. Brad Driessens - 27.01.2010

    I noticed you saw this lighter on the ABC Collectors site. Do you know anything about the other lighter I have posted on there?

  5. kypexin - 27.01.2010

    I am in Russia, and this lighter was obtained from a collector in the USA, who didn’t know anything about it either. I was searching anything on this lighter and all I got was that another lighter of yours on ABC site, so there I commented on it :)

  6. Brad Driessens - 28.01.2010

    Should know in a few days if it is a military lighter from Australia. Australian War Memorial Research have passed my request on to there expert.

  7. repsev - 28.01.2010

    So tell us,please what the expert will find out:)It’s very interesting!:)

  8. Brad Driessens - 18.02.2010

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The information I received tells me this lighter is definately not an Aussie army issue. It is from the period of 1930 – mid 1950s. I have another lead to follow and will get back to you when I find out more.

  9. kypexin - 18.02.2010

    Great Brad, thanks, waiting for any other information! :)

  10. repsev - 20.02.2010

    Thank you very much, Brad!We’re looking forward to receiving more information from you!

  11. Matt - 18.04.2010

    Hi Brad,I have recently come across the same lighter. My Grandfather recently passed away and I found it amongest his possesions. He was it the second world war and spent most of his Australian Service in PNG and has kept a lot of ex military stuff and my first guess is that this was a Military Lighter but I have noticed your research proves otherwise. I would love to hear any other info you may have on this.

  12. ulrika - 17.05.2010


    I have one of those lighters for sale, but it´s very rusty…Anyone interested? Or is it totaly useless?

  13. kypexin - 24.05.2010

    Hi Ulrika,
    I am afraid that such lighter would be valuable only in good to excellent condition. But can’t say anything more specific without seeing photos of it.

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