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Lighter Handy, 1940, owned by members of the team minesweeper YMS-370

Name: Handy
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper, silver plated
Year: 1940
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 30-100

Lighters with wartime history are fairly common, but this - one of the most interesting finds. This Swiss Lighter Handy, almost completely similar Dunhill Rollalite by design (I can even assume that it did exactly Dunhill: in the end, was a model of Dunhill Handy, a different design, but with the same name). Lighter is made of silvered copper and then - it says the inscription 'S.800' flint on the mechanism (by the way, it looks and feels like a completely silver but copper yellowness at shabby corner produces silvering). Generally, the sensations in the hand, it seems like a lighter watch: so perfectly fit all the details and so accurately and reliably all done (which is to be expected for the Swiss products :). Cover when opening a spring leans just as good as new, and this despite the fact that the lighter at least 70 years!

But we are told the story of the inscription on the lighter. It belonged to a member of the team minesweeper YMS-370. The history of this ship is quite short. Ships Series YMS (Auxiliary Mine Sweeper) were so small (displacement was only 270 tons) that had no names - only the serial number. Total in 1941 was built the ship 481 series YMS, they were practically identical in their construction. The latest series of YMS ship was in service with the US Navy until November 1969.

YMS-370 was laid on 23 January 1943 at the dock of Wheeler Shipbuilding Corp and launched on August 7 of the same year. After serving only 3 years, it was decommissioned 19 June 1946 and finally sawed for scrap in 1948. But in a short time, he managed to get service in many Asian countries, which are referred to in this lighter, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea ... In the last two photos - the ship itself and its team in the last year of service. To some of these sailors and officers in the photo belonged to this unique and lighter. Who were you, an unknown CDH?

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Lighter Cooperative Myanmar, 1940-1950

Title: Cooperative
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1940-1950 (?)
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Approximate cost: $ 10-20

Very entertaining lighter. At first glance, it would have gone to 100% for the English, if not stamped on the bottom of the housing: made in Myanmar (formerly. Burma). Surely not all even know about the existence of such a state! But lighter there - there :)

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Table Lighter The Giant, 1946

Manufacturer: Galter Manufacturing Company
Title: The Giant
Type: semi-automatic table gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1946
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 25-70

The log advertisement in 1946 claimed that the lighter The Giant enough to fill a total of 4 times a year - and it is very similar to the truth :)

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Table Lighter Kartro, 1940

Title: Kartro
Type: semi-automatic table gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass, leather
Year: 1940
Approximate cost: $ 30-80

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Pipe Lighter Beattie Jet, 1940

Name: Beattie Jet
Type: Pipe reactive gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1940
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 25-100

Pipe Lighter with gasoline design 'jet flame'. This design was first patented in 1929 and enhanced in 1944 by the American company Beattie Jet Products. Lighter, apart from the usual cotton wick it has a thin hollow copper tube which passes through the insert and a cotton filler. When a light tilting body lighted tube is heated by the flame of a lighter conventional wick, gasoline fumes and heat inside the insert, expand and rush outside, breaking under the pressure of a thin tube opening. On the way out they light up, forming a rather long 'reactive' side flame, through which user-friendly lighting his pipe. Beattie Jet - the most common and well-known model of 'reactive' petrol lighter mid-20th century.

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Lighter Century, 1942-1945

Title: Century
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Steel
Year: 1942-1945
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 15-50

Lighter Century - typical fliptop of World War II, was produced for the US Army. It is made of steel and coated with typical coating crackle green or brown-gray. Some specimens have inscriptions CENTURY and USA, in windshield, and some do not have any inscriptions.

The last instance is particularly interesting and keeps the spirit of its former owner, an American soldier or officer who scratched on the body of the name of his beloved: «MY ETHEL DEAR».

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Mexican Lighter Wincher, 1940-50

Title: Wincher
Type: gasoline windproof lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1940-50
Country: Mexico
Approximate cost: $ 15-30

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Dunhill Service Lighter, 1943-1945

Name: Dunhill Service Lighter
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1943-1945
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 25-100

This lighter was produced in the United States under the brand Dunhill during World War II and was designed specifically for the US Army.

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Table Lighter Barclay, 1948

Title: Barclay
Type: Semi-board gasoline lighter
Material: brass, plastic
Year: 1948
Country: England
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

Board semi-Lighter unusual design for ignition and fire using two buttons on top of the housing.

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Cartier liftarm gold with black enamel, 1940

Manufacturer: Cartier
Name: Cartier
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: gold, enamel
Year: 1940
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 1500-3000

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ST Dupont Jeroboam, 1943

Manufacturer: ST Dupont
Name: ST Dupont Jeroboam
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1943
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 1000-1500

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Strikalite glass lighter, 1940

Manufacturer: Strikalite Ltd
Title: Strikalite
Type: desktop gasoline lighter
Material: glass, copper, brass, cobalt paint
Year: 1940
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

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Lighter in a vehicle, Japan, 1940

Type: gasoline lighter reading a car
Material: Brass
Year: 1940
Country: Japan
Approximate cost: $ 80-150

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Negbaur, 1940

Manufacturer: Negbaur
Title: Negbaur Cannon Lighter
Type: semi-automatic table gasoline lighter
Material: copper-lead alloy
Year: 1940
Country: United States
Approximate cost: $ 40-75

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Luxtrik, 1940

Title: Luxtrik
Type: automatic petrol lighter
Material: Brass
Year: 1940
Country: France
Approximate cost: $ 20-40

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