Lighter Cooperative Myanmar, 1940-1950

Title: Cooperative
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper
Year: 1940-1950 (?)
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Approximate cost: $ 10-20

Very entertaining lighter. At first glance, it would have gone to 100% for the English, if not stamped on the bottom of the housing: made in Myanmar (formerly. Burma). Surely not all even know about the existence of such a state! But lighter there - there :)

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  1. ENTREGA - 02.11.2010

    Very interesting! And the state of classroom

  2. Yason - 03.05.2012

    All brilliant - just. These do not break.

  3. [JI [.ION - 18.05.2012

    pretty good and the view is not bad

  4. Yason - 21.05.2012

    Such was his neighbor during my childhood in the mid 70's. Only it was with a chrome surface. This can serve generations. This is not a Zippo c her voracity and breaking the loop. I want that!

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