Lighter Handy, 1940, owned by members of the team minesweeper YMS-370

Name: Handy
Type: gasoline lighter
Material: Copper, silver plated
Year: 1940
Country: Switzerland
Approximate cost: $ 30-100

Lighters with wartime history are fairly common, but this - one of the most interesting finds. This Swiss Lighter Handy, almost completely similar Dunhill Rollalite by design (I can even assume that it did exactly Dunhill: in the end, was a model of Dunhill Handy , other designs, but with the same name). Lighter is made of silvered copper and then - this is the inscription 'S.800' on flint mechanism (by the way, it looks and feels like a completely silver but copper yellowness at shabby corner produces silvering). Generally, the sensations in the hand, it seems like a lighter watch: so perfectly fit all the details and so accurately and reliably all done (which is to be expected for the Swiss products :). Cover when opening a spring leans just as good as new, and this despite the fact that the lighter at least 70 years!

But we are told the story of the inscription on the lighter. It belonged to a member of the team minesweeper YMS-370. The history of this ship is quite short. Ships Series YMS (Auxiliary Mine Sweeper) were so small (displacement was only 270 tonnes), which had no names - only a serial number. Total in 1941 was built the ship 481 series YMS, they were practically identical in their construction. The latest series of YMS ship was in service with the US Navy until November 1969.

YMS-370 was laid on 23 January 1943 at the dock of Wheeler Shipbuilding Corp and launched on August 7 of the same year. After serving only 3 years, it was decommissioned 19 June 1946 and finally sawed for scrap in 1948. But in a short time, he managed to get service in many Asian countries, which are referred to in this lighter, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea ... In the last two photos - the ship itself and its team in the last year of service. To some of these sailors and officers in the photo belonged to this unique and lighter. Who were you, an unknown CDH?

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  1. botas - 18.07.2010

    Aristocratic "warrior" :)
    Philippines misspelled and Okinawa. (PHILLIPPINES and OKINOWA). Or maybe it's a slang ... Hardly sailor did not know how to be written these words.

  2. botas - 18.07.2010

    Although he wrote the "Philippines" in error. Heat ...

  3. faust - 18.07.2010

    Well, for the minesweeper mines, displacement 270 tons - this is normal, not very much and small. and the sequence number in a military vessel - this is normal :). tugs, for example even less, but nevertheless have names.

  4. faust - 18.07.2010

    although some tugs also have serial numbers, for example: Port-1, Port-2, etc.

  5. ENTREGA - 21.07.2010

    270 tonnes .... This pipsqueak! I went on the navigator SRTMk "Kholmogory" Kiev construction, so he at length of 53m was 650tonn They displaced. So we had no guns on the deck, mine sweeper and stockpile.
    And that is misspelled, so that's fine. Our lighters and is read can.

  6. AJluK - 03.08.2010

    where you could buy this instance?

  7. kypexin - 03.08.2010

    This copy is not for sale (unless of course you do not make me an offer I can not refuse).

  8. AJluK - 04.08.2010

    And this is lighter you? Cool))
    where you get them?)

  9. kypexin - 04.08.2010

    Yes, I have. I hunt them :)

  10. ENTREGA - 04.08.2010

    Traps and nets are arranged in a network Internet, at flea markets, to the commission and hlamnikah :)

  11. AJluK - 06.08.2010

    and what will be the maximum price? If you buy it :)

  12. kypexin - 06.08.2010

    The maximum price for such things practically no limits :) You see, by itself, this model is not very expensive lighters, and "approximate value" in the description of this and reflect. But coupled with the entrenched history of a particular instance, and its former owner, a member of the ship's crew YMS-370 ... I am afraid that the history of any public money can not be measured. Therefore, to adequately assess the specific here is a copy of such a story is simply impossible.

  13. AJluK - 07.08.2010

    1000 rubles suit? Or 2000 thousand;) Well, I understand you well)

  14. kypexin - 07.08.2010

    Nope, not satisfied.
    I certainly should not have promised about "supply" :) I guess I'm not ready to part with it, excuse me :)

  15. AJluK - 07.08.2010

    15,000 rubles suit?
    oh well, it happens)
    1000-2000 standards and the price or not?)

  16. kypexin - 07.08.2010

    Well, you understand :) just for SWISS HANDY is a normal price. but for SWISS HANDY with such a history ... No, I do not know! :)

    my job as a collector - to dig out stories. therefore lighter, which pass through my hands, often lose the nominal value and are, uh, khmmm ... priceless :))

  17. AJluK - 07.08.2010

    * Crying * :)
    I have a beautiful ponyal.Bolshe'm not going to offer this izbreteniyu, sorry :)

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