IMCO Triplex Junior, 1955

Manufacturer: IMCO
Name: IMCO Triplex Junior
Type: Semi-automatic lighter gasoline
Material: copper, brass
Year: 1955
Country: Austria
Approximate cost: $ 20-50

Similar lighters:

  1. Imco Triplex, 1937
  2. IMCO Ifa, 1927
  3. One of the first models of IMCO, 1920
  4. Opal Standard by Champ, 1960
  5. TCW Welsbach Ready, 1930

05.01.2010 Метки: , Рубрики: 1950 , IMCO , Австрия

13 comment (-ev)

  1. QB-kitsune - 17.01.2010

    Something me this ring with inscriptions confused ... If it is moving - it is still typical of the "Super" and not for "Junior." Just as a blind loop lid.
    But the "patron" for the gasoline they both exactly the same - and therefore instruction would invest one. Or mixed up ... By the way, on paper painted a "Junior" without a ring.

  2. kypexin - 17.01.2010

    The trick is that the ring is still just and only serve as "advertising space" :)

  3. QB-kitsune - 17.01.2010

    And ... And there are blind? And what is written on the bottom of a "patron"?

  4. kypexin - 17.01.2010

    1) do not quite understand what "blind" ...
    2) Imco Triplex Junior 6500
    Made in Austria

  5. QB-kitsune - 17.01.2010

    1) the "Super" and "Streamline" is so small (6 * 6 mm approximately) metal shutter, which covers the wheel when the lid is closed, it is fastened to the end cap; and the "Junior" of the shutter is not present, so the wheel can be seen when the lid is closed;
    2) The question is removed ... so here is such an atypical "Junior" ...:>)

  6. kypexin - 17.01.2010

    Yeah, I got it. There is no such curtain.

  7. gambino - 09.06.2011

    But now that is sold in tobacco shops imco though triplex or Junior, they are Chinese-made or as it is written, an Austrian? just the price of 200 rubles ... and how to distinguish the original from the fake?

  8. kypexin - 09.06.2011

    gambino, at such price and cost make sense to forge these lighters not :) because the cost of such lighters have probably not more than a dollar :) and they are all Austrian, yes.

  9. gambino - 09.06.2011

    constructively :)

  10. Yason - 28.04.2012

    It is possible that now they are made under license in China. The inscription at the bottom: »TM REG. VIENNA AUSTRIA ». And what's the difference where they do? The main thing - it is a reliable kostruktsii, all metal, economical. And light with virtually no misfires.

  11. Yason - 21.05.2012

    I believe that now is to simplify the production of housing Juniors and triplexes do the same. The same gap. Only knurled different buildings. Junior put on the windshield ring and shutter (holes for fixing it is) - you will receive the same triplex.

  12. MaX12 - 28.06.2012

    From his youth, I have a weakness for zazhigalkam.V 70s I had a lot interesnyh.Ronson purely US natural gas, with a compartment for spare kremnya.Neprobivaemy gas tank, filled to its plastik.Vt I still zhal.Sluzhila long. So far, 85 decided to clean spirtom.A alcohol proved razbavlennym.I not immediately isparilsya.Nu oplavilas.A widow and not pervaya.Vpervye appeared in 2000 and yh.Eto TM reg.Vienna Austria or Patent Austria, IMCO c dashes TRIPLEX as well as without nego.Teper have a backup tank for sleduyuschey.Srok service at sparking heavy smoker-god.No this time without failure. The weak point of the spring wheel and erasing zubchikov.I not in any case not to put on two flint! Summer gasoline missing three dney.K unfortunately and I think that in Austria for a long time no such firmy.Hotya in dense not razbiralsya.Zato in China Sea vidov.Firmy (based on expensive) I missed two goda.Na gas or benzine.Italiya, Germany, Japan and SShA.Rezyume of IMKO.Horoshaya not expensive funny practical lighter.

  13. grafic - 10.04.2014

    Now IMCO in Austria have already been removed from production, so most likely China.